Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Great Crate Caper

As you can probably guess by my shop, I have a weakness for all things vintage. I confess to losing quite a few hours getting lost in all the great vintage shops on etsy and poppytalk.

One of the most useful trends happening now, is the growing infatuation with vintage crates. The primitive almost earthy look to them seems to work with all but the most formal home decor. Both the soda & milk crates in particular lend themselves to so many clever uses. With so many great colors on crates it's fairly easy to find one to match your look.

I have a few ideas to share with you.

Storage.. the deeper crates are great for toys & books

Divide & conquer... some of the many storage needs in the studio, office, kitchen.

One of my favorite uses for the divided crate is to use them in the kitchen as a spice rack.

Serving ..used as a tray, it sets a casual mood, that says, let's hang out & enjoy ourselves.

Need more ideas..

Cityvintage, another sweet etsy seller has an interesting vintage DIY listing on

Do you have other ideas on how to use crates?
I'd love you to share them here with all of us.  If you need help with sharing the photos, just give me a shout.

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