Sunday, July 25, 2010

come for a visit ...

Guess where I am today??

I'm so excited that Christine and Etsy came to visit my home...

Now everyone is invited!!  and the coffee's on!

Have a wonderful sunday everyone

Thursday, July 15, 2010

between the raindrops & did you know?

my wednesday mornings during the summer are spent at my favorite haunt... searching for some treats for us

this past week was a bit rainy and only a few vendors showed up, but i managed to run between the raindrops and a find a few things... sometimes a few treats are just fine.

oh, did you know solsticehome is having a "one a day sale?"

one item only.. for one day only.. will be 30 to 50% off!!

Keep an eye on the One a Day Section  
Now might be a good time to buy your favorites!

today's special...

Vintage Olympia Deluxe Typewriter
 was 275.00 today only it's 155.00

tomorrows deal....???
you'll just have to be surprised.

have a sunny summer day everyone

Friday, July 2, 2010

happy 4th! go jump off a bridge

have a fun weekend everyone...

we'll be...

going to the parade

floating down to the beach

maybe even jumping off the bridge

let the fun begin!!

whatever your plans are for the 4th...


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Where are you on the Cape? I am thinking of having my sister pick up some things from your shop, rather than having them shipped.

I'm so sorry if I missed this question earlier. Formspring just decided to send me some very old messages. I'm in Sandwich, about 5 minutes from the Sagamore bridge. Thank you

Ask me anything

what would you charge for home furniture, art and decor items advice? placement of furniture and decor items wall paint colors create a picture wall etc? via photographs skype twitter etc? Thank you kindly

oh, i would love to have enough time to do all of this. unfortunately, right now my shop is keeping me too busy to devote the time needed to do a good job of it. I would love to offer you any help i can with a specific question. Also if you need help finding a particular item or collection, I maybe able to help that way. thank you

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