Monday, January 31, 2011

a bit of a shopping spree..

woo hoo wednesday's on saturday...
for the winter, my favorite wednesday flea is held on a few saturdays..

this week i went ;)
and found a few lots of treasures for us.....

if your looking for a cheese box or two for planting or storage...i have some!

all coming soon to a shop...near you!

happy monday everyone

Sunday, January 30, 2011

sunday morning musings

hold on to your coffee cups..

look at the place i found for our sunday morning coffee this week.

this one comes complete with treats

and I had to share the whole room with you

all photo's from  Vakre Hjem & Interior  you really should go see!

and just so you know where to find me...i am not leaving here!!

have a lovely relaxing sunday everyone

Saturday, January 29, 2011

winter white inside

the photo's on the cape cod winter post  had me looking for that same winter white inspiration inside the home....

here's a few rooms i love... and i think i've already moved in...i'm already decorating them with some favorite pieces i found...

this bowl would be perfect on that work table

the above group of rooms needed just a  few items ...

i definitely need this cozy throw for this amazing room


and don't you think this porcelain beaker is just about perfect for that table above


all the room photos, with their links can be found on my pinterest board,  click on the links below them.

and a big thank you,  to all my fellow etsy sellers for having such wonderful items for me to feature.

happy saturday everyone


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

out & about...enjoy the beauty

yes, once again it's a snow day ... i've decided not to fight it..instead let's enjoy the beauty that comes with winter on cape cod.
some of the photo's were taken a few years back...but beauty is timeless..

rock harbor, orleans, and yes, that's a boat channel.

nauset inlet, orleans,  where the sunsets are amazing.

and the days can be crystal clear with that cape cod light.

sandwich boardwalk beach

and then there's days like today..when in the middle of a snow still have that incredible light

the three above photos taken today by me at the sandwich boardwalk.

have a beautiful day

I'm linking up this post with; Sarah's Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays... more beauty for you..

Sunday, January 23, 2011

sunday morning musings...(and a bit of news)

morning friends,

this week's place for sunday morning coffee is right here,  in my sun room.

it's sunny, warm & cozy in's about 5 degrees outside...let's stay in and enjoy this room while we can...

which brings me to a bit of news i have for you ...  we are moving ...we are heading west...all the way west...
to  Portland Oregon!  

that would be ALL of us...two households,  with 4 adults, 1 child, 1 dog.. and 2 shops,  solsticehome and trampoline.  we're joining our son and daughter who have lived in Portland for 3 yrs now.  it's time to reunite this family.

i couldn't be more excited and yes,  a little apprehensive about all the details. . i know it's not impossible and  i'm pretty sure  positive it will be very interesting  ;)

i've decided to write a weekly journal of our unfolding adventure.  i hope you'll follow along with me. i think i'll need some words of encouragement now and then.

enjoy your sunday everyone

Saturday, January 22, 2011

where's your garden?

mine is covered under mounds of snow
with all this icy cold weather here on cape cod....i really can't wait for spring, warm earth and gardens.

photo taken at Green Briar Sandwich

for now i think we better find other ways to plant.

sunny windows (ones with potting tables under them..even better)

this image from my pinterest board  
originally found on this lovely blog Made in Persbo,  you'll need to translate, but the photos are eye candy.

vintage containers,  part of the fun is coming up with the container.

try baking pans, bowls, cups..

yes, even lab glass,  or just about any that will hold a bit of soil and water.  

well now,  if your lucky enough to have a greenhouse... i hope your enjoying it as much as this pup.

what about you, found any interesting containers you can plant?  please share some with us.

happy saturday all

Friday, January 21, 2011

this week

favorite finds started to create a theme.  i couldn't resist..i went with it.

a room that could be a  "place of your own."  it could be a studio, workroom or office, whatever it's used for, it's a place that should make you smile.

this makes me smile....

a handmade double sided map clipboard,  this will add a bit of fun and color to my everyday To-Do lists.  the clipboard itself is made of hardboard and assembled by adults with disabilities.

 from box64studios on etsy with other maps and patterns available

a set of Four Vintage Sewing Thimble Planters, adorable for the windowsill near my desk
from doodlebirdie on etsy

this  desk, you can only see a corner, but what a corner it is..

 from my home board on pinterest

some interesting art for the wall, with a punch of color, because my rooms are always subdued

 Double Yellow Lines Set of Mini Prints from eyeshoot on etsy

a comfy chair, yes every room should have a place you can just kick back and relax

if you have a chair, you need a pillow... i like the whimsical folk art of this one


and i think we have the start of a room i could love 

hope your enjoying this room...i'll be adding more to it as i find just the right pieces.

happy friday friends


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

short..but sweet

running around today, which means this post is running late today.

i did manage to find a couple of fun things online for us to share

this one because, i'm really, really craving chocolate right about now and i think it's such a great idea!

hot chocolate on a stick,  found on the lovely camille styles blog,  go there and find out more about it.

this one..because it's  just plain fun...even taking the laundry downstairs would be more fun..

  i'm not sure where i found this to link back to, if you know..please tell

 and i think every home should have something unexpected.

do you have something fun or  unexpected in your home??  c'mon share it with us..


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the beauty of simplicity

last fall I had the chance to visit Plymouth Plantation,  a bicultural interative museum, offering personal encounters with the Wampanoag People and the Colonial English community in the 1600s.
it was such an interesting visit and an eyeopener for me. as an antique lover and seller, i just wanted to gather up all the primitive items i saw.

the experience of actually seeing how the pilgrims lived that very sparse and fundamental life was enlightening

 they lived with only the barest necessesites and a few cherished items.

but the thing that was most striking to me was the light surrounding it.  i could not stop taking photos.

and then i realized, in this simplicity, is the ability to see the individual beauty of each small detail.

it's helping me try to clear away some of the clutter.

and instead, try to focus on the seeing the individual beauty of each of the things i cherish.

are you also finding the need to clear away some of the clutter?  how are you managing it?

i'm hoping you'll share some of the tips with me


ps; i'm linking this post to a beach cottages', Good Life Wednesdays link party. Just click the photo below and be inspired.

Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays

Monday, January 17, 2011

shop talk

a shop update today.... and a  little heads up.. this is what's coming to the shop this week...

a wonderful vintage patchwork quilt, fabulous colors and patterns.
and hopefully this large basket,  it's perfect for storing blankets or laundry.

this large old glass bottle with metal trim,  an industrial farmhouse vibe for forcing branches
the two small jars are awesome and you'll find this one  and this one in the shop already.

antique tole painted tin pastry box, a bit rustic but oh, so sweet

this antique metal lunchbox with leather handle, was well used. 
it will be listed as found with the very cool gray thermos.

i'm also working on a clearance sale...and i do mean clearance!!  it will be posted here...before it's officially posted in the shop ;)

hope your enjoying a holiday monday

ps; don't forget you can contact me,  for any items before they are in the shop ....

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