Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday New England Bloggers

New England Bloggers is a group of bloggers from the six New England states. Elizabeth, the founder, asked me to join it's first years birthday party with a post about my little part of New England.

Well, I've never been one to turn down a party....

I live in Sandwich, Ma. on Cape Cod.  Sandwich is just over the Sagamore Bridge and is the oldest town on the Cape and one of the oldest in the country. Known for it quaint, charming village center and the Sandwich boardwalk that leads to Cape Cod Bay.

Let's take a little walk and I'll show you some of the sights.

The Sandwich Boardwalk Bridge where you can watch braver souls than me jump off at high tide

The view from the bridge is beautiful,  you can drop in your raft or boat and float to the bay

In the fall the marsh grass turns a stunning golden orange

The lakes are pretty spectacular too!

The Fourth of July is a true small town celebration with a terrific parade the whole town turns out for

The Fourth ends on the Pond with a concert and at night and a  lantern lit boat parade

One of the charming homes and Inns that make up the town center

Sunset over Shawme Pond in the center of town

Thanks for visiting with me and my little corner of the world.   You can always visit my flickr photos for more  pictures of  Sandwich and Cape Cod.

Elizabeth, thank you for the party invitation.  It makes one step back and appreciate whats right outside the front door.

Happy Birthday



Sunday, January 24, 2010

shop update

Want to do a little window shopping tonight?

Thought I'd share some of the items I've been listing and some of the ones I'll be adding this week.

A little of this

A little of that


A lot of fun!

See you tomorrow my friends


Friday, January 22, 2010

sharing you know I have something to tell you?

Do you remember a few days ago on my post about knitting, I featured the Poufik by EvaForeva

Well,  that lovely lady is hosting a giveaway for a... Poufik!!  Oh yes, I'm on my way to enter...and I thought you'd like to know.


I'll admit it..I did not want to tell you.  If no one knew, I could be the only entry and win!

But, friends are supposed to share so here it is...go here and enter and Good Luck (i think).

Happy Friday Friends


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

knit one, purl two

I do not knit. Really wish I did and would like to learn one day.  I just have always wanted to say..
knit one, purl two.

I do crochet.  Actually, I'm just getting back to it after many, many years.  I enjoy the feeling of peace and quiet crocheting brings with it. Unfortunately, my not so peaceful cluttered brain keeps butting in with "what ifs," making  it very hard to follow patterns.  You keep wondering what if you did it this way or that way instead.  Needless to say, I have some unfinished projects sitting in my bag.


I did find some beautiful items that other wonderfully creative people have manage to finish...
thought I' d share them with you today.


Set of Two Green Crochet Bowls aniemancrochet   **Hey, THESE ARE ON SALE!!

LARGE CROCHETED RAG BOWL eclecticbungalow  ~This is too clever,  made from a recycled bed sheet!

'Molly' crochet 'granny' cushion cover EmmaLamb    One of my favorite textile designers on etsy

POUFIK (pronounced poo-fik) EvaForeva  Love, Love, Love...both this item and its creator 



and remember... knit one, purl two (had to say it one more time)



Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Poppies

To all my wonderful supporters a big ~ Thank Youthe votes.. are so appreciated.

To all you funny cuties who gave me a such a chuckle with your tweets and convo's asking me
"who will you be voting for,  yourself or ethanollie of Trampoline?"

Hmmn... seeing as I lay claim to passing down a large part of the amazing talent she has (said with a very smug smile)
She on the other hand constantly inspires and raises the bar on me.

So  after much deliberation....  I  solved the problem.... I  ..........

voted for both of us  :)

Seriously, no matter who your favorites are

If you haven't voted  for your favorite artist, designer, photographer or seller yet.   Go Do It!  
They all work so very hard to add a little beauty to your world,  they deserve a little pat on the back.

Now go have some fun and vote!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

my best of...

I hope everyone had a chance to relax a little new years day.

I managed to catch up on a little reading of my favorite blogs .  Thought I'd chirp in with a  few of my own "Best of 2009." 
One of the things I found to be a 'best' was holiday shopping on etsy.  Oh, and a few, were gifts I received!  Awesome items from amazingly talented sellers and the personal service could not be beat.

Antique stencils from findingfabulous


Vintage Tea Cups with Lids from UptownVintage


Beeswax taper candles from OneHoney

Embroidered Kitchen Towel from Simply Lodge

Vintage Poster from trampoline

Set of Catch-All pouches for stocking Stuffers (kept one for myself) from jpatpurses

White branch tabletop tree set from enhabiten
i was soooo happy to receive the tree's..they were on my favorites for 2 years :)

Tote bag and storage box from bookhouathome
what a sweet surprise gift this was for me 

Awesome finds..weren't they?

Thank you to all you wonderful sellers, who made my shopping a little bit easier and much more fun!

If you haven't visited them really should!

I'm hooking this post up to a party, want to come?  Melissa's "Best of Party"  

Friday, January 1, 2010

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