Friday, April 30, 2010

this moment...

{this moment}

...a single photo-no words...
...capturing a moment from the week...
...a simple, special, extrodinary moment...
...a moment i want to savour & remember...

...if your inspired to do the same...
...leave a 'link' to your moment in the comments for all to see...

happy moments

{this moment} is a friday ritual over at

at the end of the day...

there is a moment in time...

you just want to hold on forever...

have a lovely weekend friends

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

woo hoo wednesdays

looking for me very early wednesday mornings?

i have a secret little place i head to

to search for some lovely little things for the shop....

the really good days (like today) are my woo hoo wednesdays 

it gives some of my favorite chance to sneak peek the shop and reserve your favorites!

oh..where do I go?   hmmnn...leave me a comment,  I'll send you an email where the secret place is. we don't want to share with all of we?!?

happy woo hoo wednesday everyone

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

finally's out of the box ...

and assembled 

my beach bike!!

complete with basket for towel, book, coffee & i need anything else?

 it's a bit wide &  tricky on the i'm practicing around the neighborhood

 thought i'd give the neighbors a laugh today...

 then i'm heading here.....

catch you later

Monday, April 26, 2010

monday morning musings

it's a foggy monday morning on cape cod. the kind of day that makes it hard to get going...

before i do, here's a few photos that tugged at me today...enjoy!

James Hill Architect traditional porch

Feldman Architecture modern exterior

Village Farmhouse- Richmond, VT contemporary hall
contemporary hall design by other metros architect Birdseye Design

note on this last photo..if anyone knows the wall color of the gray wall in front, please pass it on, it's just what I'm looking for...thanks

Have a wonderful Monday


Sunday, April 25, 2010

shop update .... the modern farmhouse

the modern farmhouse
it's all about comfort, simplicity, textures, light and a simple color palette

the shop update this week has the modern farmhouse in mind

blue glass bottles, coming soon

white stone mortar and pestle, coming soon

enamelware pan with a pop of color

use everyday objects for display, coming soon

yes, there's more and they will be in the shop soon...

in the meantime, if you see a piece that's not listed yet,  just comment me.
my readers always get first pick.

Have a wonderful sunday everyone

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

shop update....for the room you live in

the living room in my house is truly lived in.

on any given day it can be a  library,  dining room,  office,  playroom and yes, sometimes even shop shipping and storage room.

today i pulled together a few new items coming to the shop and a few that are already there.  they work well in this type of multi purpose 'living room'

for movie night or to simply look like a professional movie buff..

to write that best seller or to just jot notes to friends...

vintage olivetti  and olympia typewriters

to bring the outside in and decorate the walls

framed antique botanicals

to light up a dark corner and plan your next adventure...

a necessary evil,  might as well make it look good

when you can't afford the original masterpiece

and of course vintage books!! i have them stacked on the table,  in the bookcase, by a chair

most of the above are in the shop, some of the others will be coming soon...

Have a wonderful week

Monday, April 19, 2010

the new etsy treasuries

Etsy launched a new treasury form last Friday, as a beta feature.

Treasury East (beta) is a testing ground for the future of the Treasury.

Create lists of items, as many as you like. Comment on other members' lists. Share lists and enjoy! Treasury East lists have no limits and no expiration.  They are rated by “hotness”,  so the more visits & clicks, the “hotter” the Treasury East, the more visible it will be.
Beautiful, diverse lists may be featured on Etsy's front page.

this one is called  "Mid Retro"

this one called "The Backyard Garden",
I'm thrilled to see this new etsy feature popping up.
I've always enjoyed making treasuries as a way of using some creative juices and as a way of introducing some of my favorite etsy finds with you. Lately, I haven't done as many, it became almost impossible to grab a spot. 

If you have a few minutes, visit the above treasuries and some of the other new Treasury East posts.
It's a great way to find some new favorites and enjoy a bit of the overwhelming creativity on etsy.

Happy Monday Everyone

ps; have you found any new etsy features you like? share them with us in comments.

Monday, April 12, 2010

monday's brainstorm ~

the outdoor shower

my love affair with water should come as no surprise.

living on Cape Cod, where the beach and lakes are so close by,  an outdoor shower is almost a necessity.  Ok, maybe not a necessity but a definite help.   then there is just the plain incredibly wonderful feeling of an outdoor shower.

it's been almost two years in this home without one.

folks,  I am on a mission !

pretty sure I have the location picked out and now it's on to the design.

should I start with my absolute dream shower..because this would be it

i love the idea of being surrounded by gardens ..but I'd rather not have any roof overhead

building a separate house for the shower... that's a bit out of the question

surfers end outbuilding eclectic exterior

ah, no..while it's unique...I just don't think I could do a tree house shower

i love the privacy and cozy feeling amy has created in her shower

this is a photo of the shower at our last home.  it was the first one we built,  it was large enough to have an area to keep your clothes dry and a bench.  it also had a lovely tree for a canopy.  this time I think I'd like something that looks a little less rustic.

 a good book i've been reading for inspiration and practical available from Amazon

do you have any monday brainstorms cooking? come share with us....

Happy Monday All

Sunday, April 11, 2010

sunday morning musings

taking a few minutes before 'life' intrudes..

i'm curled up in the sunlight, with a cup of coffee,  and listening to a little tom petty.

come join me...

if you haven't already..take a visit to the above artists shops,  they're all on etsy...just follow the links.

i hope you had a few minutes of quiet before you start your busy day.

Have a lovely sunday everyone

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