Thursday, February 4, 2010

i heart books

This girl is a  book lover and a vintage book collector (I know such a surprise)!
I love the feel and look of old books with aged tanned pages and..
I  love the thought that many other hands have held that same book.  They may have been inspired by it,  found their brilliant idea in it or just found enjoyment in the stories and illustrations.

When it's time for a gift, one of the gifts that thrills me the most are books.  It's a gift I can hold, enjoy and then pass down to future generations who then add their hand print to it.

So,  naturally I've included a few in the shop that I think make wonderful valentine gifts.  I'm also such a visual,  design obsessed woman,  I've paired them by color. They'll look pretty sweet on the bookshelf too.
Add some chocolate and it's pretty much perfection!




With a little thought and a little searching, there's a book out there that would thrill your sweetie...But please don't forget to add the chocolates.


Happy Heart Day <3

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