Wednesday, May 19, 2010

out & about....on cape briar nature center

is  a one of the upper capes treasures

on the pond
run by he Thornton W. Burgess Society it is a non-profit educational organization founded in 1976 to carry on the pioneering conservation work of author/naturalist Thornton W. Burgess (1874 - 1965). Mr. Burgess, who was born and grew up in Sandwich, MA., went on to achieve national and international recognition for his children’s stories that teach lessons of conservation and love of wildlife.

 the old briar path
Over 170 books and 15,000 stories by Burgess chronicle the tales of Peter Rabbit and his animal friends.  

Through these engaging stories, generations of young people have learned about the natural world and have developed an understanding of the importance of conservation of our natural resources.

i stopped by there saturday for their herb and plant sale
and was rewarded with the wildflower gardens in full bloom

they also run wonderful programs and camps for all ages, from toddlers to adults. i've sent my grandson to a few of the summer camp programs.

or you can  join one of the jam making workshops in the 1903 kitchen
their yummy jams can also be bought at the center or online

if your in the area, it's a perfect place to unwind, walk the paths, and enjoy the beauty

have a beautiful rest of the week everyone
ps; have a place on cape you'd like me to visit...just give me a little shout..i'll try to head there!

Friday, May 14, 2010

shop update....spring cleaning sale

it's that time...

spring cleaning time..


all items in the shop...

even the ones already on sale...

 yup, even the newer items, just listed

time to pick up your favorites

20% off all prices listed (shipping excluded)...
refunded thru paypal...but ..
Friday May 14th thru Sunday May 16th

better hurry!
happy weekend everyone


Saturday, May 8, 2010

the portland 2

 portland visit day 2...

we headed out to visit some of portland's thrift shops...
and as usual  portland didn't disappoint ...

how perfect a vintage suitcase to carry home the vintage slide case, rolodex, lamp, coffee sack and model T headlamp.  yes, they'll be heading to the shop soon.

another delicious find for lunch,  they had great atmosphere & food...annoyingly poor choice in music

a little extra bonus, thursay was 1st thursday and many of the galleries held openings

there were so many talented artists, each with their own unique's just a few to enjoy 

an amazing piece...all these words and phrases were sewn on paper

and here's a little video i took to wrap up the evening...enjoy!

hope your having a wonderful week too!

Friday, May 7, 2010

the portland 1

many of you know by now...we're off on a visit to my son & daughter-in-law in portland oregon.

we'll just skip the part about the 8 hour plane's enough to say it was long.

portland day 1....

out the door and into the garden for morning coffee  (pretty sweet..this is the view from my bed too)

the gang started off on a much needed long walk around SE Portland

an ended up at beautiful Laurelhurst Park

my portland family the talented lisa teso & chris (nymphrobraniac) teso

we even ran into a pretty amazing crane

lunch followed at the Everett Street Bistro...and it was soooo good, i forgot to take a photo for you.
if your in portland oregon, you should add this one to your places to eat.

Hope your having a lovely week too!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

shop update.... hey, moms ..this one's for you

next sunday is mothers day ...

to all you lovely moms this weeks shop update is for you!


for all you do ... your special day should last at least a week...

 vintage rose annual book  & tea cloth..coming soon

and if your a mom..I'm having a week long sale at solsticehome...just for you..


treat yourself &  take 20% off all items in the shop  (not including shipping)...
just put "i'm a mom " in the convo area...

tiny vintage oil painting..coming soon

and I'll refund 20% thru paypal...


this special sale will not be posted in the's for my readers here & on twitter..
please feel free to share it with your special friends...

vintage usa pedestal planter..coming soon

just one more thing ...all items will ship after May 14th... (i know you won't mind) ...
this mom,  is on vacation
and if there's one thing all moms's patience!

don't forget.. see something you like not listed yet...just drop me a little note...

happy mother's week

ps; sale dates May 2nd ~ May 9th
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