Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thanksgiving

 { life here :: thanksgiving }

our first thanksgiving living here in portland.

it's amazing to be living here and sharing it with all my children together and yet,  i'm feeling somewhere between...

somewhere between  by theaterclouds

this contentment and the discontent of missing my extended family and friends back east.

so many small things remind me

of traditions and memories of holidays past

so today when i sit down to dinner and raise my glass in toast

it will be a toast to all of you my dear family and friends,  near and far ...
i am truly thankful for all of the love, traditions and memories we've shared.

across the miles
happy thanksgiving


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

holiday home :: mid century style

deck the halls,  yes it's that time again

there are so many different interior decorating styles that lend themselves to different holiday looks, it's fun to sometimes shake up your nest a bit.

i thought i'd start with a few ideas for a holiday at home mid century style.

this cutie just needs a few white branches and a few blue flower sprigs tucked in it's tail for a different holiday color look

Vintage Mid Century Dove Planter

for the more traditional red holiday lover ::  simply stated tall tapers surrounded by evergreen branches are lovely and an easy do,  for the mantel or table

Danish Modern Candle Holders

try mixing mid century style with natural organic touches and a different color combo.
this bowl filled with pine cones, boughs and Orange Pomander Balls (directions here)

 Mid Century Modern Catherineholm Enamelware Bowl

and finally roll out your mid century bamboo cart 1950s style, it's perfect for your holiday bar setup, when the holidays are over, fill it with plants and roll it to a sunny window
Mid Century Bamboo Cart

 stay tuned for more holiday home ideas using other decorating styles

what style holiday decor will be at your home be this year?


Sunday, November 13, 2011


{ life here day 12 }

hi there
saturdays' portland style,  it was a very good day.

the portland saturday market, on the waterfront downtown,  hard to believe but it's the first time i've been. music, vendors, food. it's a celebration of the artist community and weekends.
i will be back

photo by ethanollie

lunch at mothers bistro,  charming and delicious, especially when shared with family and mimosa's

a stop at Hoo Doo Antiques, closed when i found it last march, i've been waiting to go to since then.

it was so worth the wait. there are now some awesome finds waiting in my studio for listing.

yes, portland style saturdays, they are definitely a keeper.

happy weekend

Saturday, November 12, 2011

non descript

{ life here day 11 }

hi there
today is almost over, but i didn't want to miss a day writing to you

a no school day, it went something like this ::
photo shoot,   play,  work on listings,  play soccer,  a failed dinner recipe (yes, it ended in the trash), play.

all in all not a bad day, just a nondescript type of day with nothing much to share. 

i did find this photo i wanted to share with you, taken a few years ago when i was on vacation here,

this was definitely not nondescript. it was truly beautiful.

i hope you had a lovely day

Thursday, November 10, 2011

holiday shopping { sellsimply and pinterest }

Vintage Handmade Felt Pillow
{life here day 10}

already,  every thing is screaming, holiday ::  really!!! 

living in this new place offers endless shopping possibilities. 
but, of course,  first i had to find them.

Fog  8x10 Nature Photograph

this time i took the easy route and started holiday window shopping on sellsimply

Classic Tweed Blazer

Vintage Leather Boots


Vintage Ansco Camera

i started finding so many sweet things to buy,
i decided to make it even easier by using the "pin it" button 
on each listing and create
a pin board on pinterest

a funny thing happened, it suddenly became 
a holiday wish list for me. 

so this girl is lighting a fire, making a cup of tea, opening my computer and doing more holiday shopping this year.

try it { sellsimply and pinterest } have some fun with your holiday shopping.
then send me the link of your pin board, i'll post it here and we'll have a long distance shopping trip together.

it's another way we can stay in touch

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

today's musings ...

{life here day 9}

hi there
just sharing a few bright spots from the day :: 

the sun is shining, it's actually a beautiful november day.

seems, ollie wants to go out in that sun too.

 finally starting to meld together a few of our favorite things

your turn,  to share a small smile from today  ::


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

out and about :: laurelhurst park

{life here day 8}

hi there
you've been asking to see more of my new surroundings ::
Laurelhurst Park :: 27 acres of natural beauty inside the city, with winding roads, pond,  and play areas, just about 1 mile from our house.

i took a walk just before sunset yesterday.  the park is a riot of color (the leaves change a bit later & stay awhile longer than back east)


the park has a totally different feel this time of year, gone are the concerts and activities, left is an urban oasis

dusk settled to quickly :: the feeling of quiet beauty is one i would have liked to enjoy a bit longer

for more info on Laurelhurst Park

today is beautiful here :: hoping it is there as well

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