Thursday, March 26, 2009

hooked on..floating away

It's Friday again...{is it just me or are the weeks flying by lately?}

OK...don't jump on me...I am definitely not complaining it's Friday.
it's time for Julia's {Hooked on Houses} Friday blog party

I'm such a water lover, I could live near the water. (Oh..wait I do) Well not close enough.

today I feel like floating away...listening to the river ripple below me...sitting in a comfy chair on my deck...reading a good book...sipping a glass of wine..

problem you say..."can't sit on your deck and float away at the same time"

Ah Ha! not a problem any more...which is why today I'm hooked on.....

Yes, it is a floating home, or to be correct, a Floating Pod.

Compact modular green homes built for energy efficiency, indoor air quality and sustainability.
{And It's on the Water} I could absolutely be sustained here!

The interiors look just as amazing. Life simplified beautifully!

If your interested in joining me go here for more info Green Pod

have a wonderful friday everyone!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Woot! Toot!

some times something happens to make you just want to shout out!

if you work online... you know the feeling...
sitting in front of the computer working away all day...

you there anyone out there?.. anyone?.. anywhere?

you seek..
then suddenly...bleep..what's that...was was..

solsticehome's vintage item is featured on

So yes, I am wooting & tooting this & thank you Alison for being there


Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday's Discoveries

it was a cold cloudy weekend day on Cape Cod yesterday

which made it a perfect day to do a little vintage shopping

so..this week's Mondays discoveries are really some fun Sundays finds!

vintage hotel bell ~ alarm clock

vintage red handled syrup pitcher

vintage nutmeg grinder & cookbook ~love the colors

happy monday everyone


Friday, March 20, 2009

hooked on..right in front of you

Julia from {Hooked on Houses} hosts a hooked on blog party on Fridays..I love following what everyone is hooked's a great way to end a week.

This Friday I'm joining in &
I'm hooked on this

Rarely Eye Chart
by Lucas & Hayley

seen here @ the keep calm gallery

I'm such a typography stalker and I love the so true message....

Jump over and join in the blog party & keep an eye on what is right in front of you this weekend.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

vintage storage solutions

if your like are doing or thinking about doing some spring cleaning.

i try..i really do try to organize, declutter & scale back the items in my home..
but no matter how hard i try...i am a collector... who just happens to hate clutter!
i am always looking for unique storage solutions...for my photos, papers, magazines, the bits and pieces that make up everyday life.
today i thought I'd share a few of my favorite vintage pieces that work great for storage... and are available in my etsy shop

{coastal decor magazine holder} { hat boxes } { antique suitcase } it's your about some storage ideas for me... please


Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday's Discoveries

well woot!
for today's... monday's discoveries
I've finally been able to create and publish an etsy treasury!
you ...get many wonderful discoveries from some terrific etsy sellers
i .......was able to have some fun and to use some creative juices!

enjoy and go visit a'll be so happy you did!

have a creative monday


Sunday, March 8, 2009

updated peeks

I thought I'd share a few updated peeks of the sun room remodel. I'm taking the weekend off from projects and getting some grandson love.

it's almost done...

i cheated a little on the painting..already loved the color, the walls were in good shape except for touch ups and the new trim & baseboards.. luckily the former owners left the paint for this room.

heavy cleaning was next
most furniture is moved back in. winter drapes need to be rehung (maybe), I just may leave them off from now

new maple step needs to be coated with a finish

add a few personal touches & then I can scratch this room off the list of ranch remakes to do!!

have a lovely sunday


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

monday & tuesday discoveries..

Yes, I know it happened again this week...Mondays discoveries became Tuesdays. But at least I've added more than one. Actually it's part of a collection.

For many of you that are new to my blog, I have been unpacking boxes from my previous brick and mortar shop, Solstice home & garden. Sometimes I'm as surprised as you at what I find hidden away! I have also been scouting in and around Cape Cod for hidden treasures to share in my etsy shop. Monday is the day I try to post a new discovery for my blog readers before it gets posted in my shop.

This week they are part of a Vintage Farmhouse Collection

long handled french lopers, (wonderful old paint)
vintage chippy framed screen (perfect for a project)
antique green shutter ( has original hardware)
wonderful old tool chest (original hardware and awesome patina)

all soon to be posted in the shop..

Have a great night

Sunday, March 1, 2009

sweet dreams

To all my cold snowy readers along the east coast tonight. Instead of crawling into bed with this vision .....

I send you this one to dream on.....

original photo
sandcastle01 & shared by the wonderful blog beachbungalow8

It can't be far away...can it?!?!

Sweet dreams

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