Friday, February 27, 2009

what lurks under

is it possible to have what looks like a perfectly wonderful room.. make a mess of it.. then bring it back to an even better existence? of course it is...and we're well on our way of doing it!

photo..before we bought this house..a big selling point was this room. right off the kitchen and open to back yard with windows enclosing the room and sunlight streaming in. I immediately had the vision of taking the sliding doors off and opening up this wonderful space as a small family room

photo..after moving and settling in as a warm cozy family room.. wrong!
the windows were tight but i included thermal drapes for the winter months..the look was right and my vision was starting to come together...but..warm it was NOT!

photo during...the previous owners had put electric heat in this room but had never insulated the floor, which by the way, when we took it up found it was also just sitting on the deck. yup..pergo floor sitting on deck and nothing but earth!

photo that...destruction! pergo floor removed (carefully)..decking cut (carefully)...layers of foam insulation board installed between the rafters..deck boards screwed back on. note on this part..the deck is very close to ground, which meant no way to work from was done from above, using mirrors when needed to see under the boards that were left in place. not any easy task according to the curses I heard during this part.

photo during...breath held...pergo floor successfully relayed!

photo during..electric heat was removed, piping for gas heat from main house is being installed. these pipes are being boxed in as we speak.

photo during...and now the part I have been waiting for...THE being removed..applause..dancing..

photo during...the opening, which is 6 feet wide of sunlight streaming in, also has a step down...the adjoining floors are maple hardwood in the kitchen and pergo maple in the sunroom.
a maple step is being made and installed

photos during...looking in sunroom from kitchen
a few peeks at the progress so far...just peeks now..we don't want to spoil the ending!

I just could not wait to share this project with everyone. It's one I've been waiting impatiently to do...progress updates are promised!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone...I'll be filling in nail holes and painting!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

monday & tuesday discoveries.....SALE!

see it happens... the days just get away from you..this was to be a monday's discoveries post...
it took much longer than I thought to post my sale items on etsy...but post I did..many of solsticehome's items are on sale!
a few below..

take a peek here might make your own discovery

happy monday & tuesday


Saturday, February 21, 2009

sunday morning musings

loving this sunday morning
I'm stealing a little quiet time and browsing etsy while working on an etsy treasury.
grab a cup of coffee and spend a few minutes with me...I'd like to share a few favorites.

their uniqueness, beauty, use of colors and especially the personal notes attached to them..are just pulling at me today

original collage created from too pretty to throw away polaroid cast offs. they are studies in color, texture and nuance...peeks into everyday life.

My new line of cushions is named after a street on the Left Bank in Paris. I used some combination of vintage string embroidery, vintage velvet and vintage woodblock printing on tea-stained hemp with a kapok filling

Original / One-of-a-Kind - Embroidered Map Collage
by Shannon Rankin

This print combines my interest in maps and words.
The quote is from Robert Motherwell:
"If you can't find your inspiration by walking around the block one time, go around two blocks — but never three."

Signed Fine Art Photographic Print
Title: tiny moon
story: This photo was taken at one of my favorite places in Portland. A local farm that holds a series of concerts throughout the summer. Some of our finest families memories have been made there

I would like to thank these wonderfully creative people for adding a touch of beauty to my day.

I hope you found some new favorites along with me this morning....have a few you want to share? I'm still finishing my share away with me..


they know me so well

melissa from the inspired room has a friday blog party "the beautiful life" ... what you did to add beauty to your home or life this week. i think it's a wonderful way to wind down the week.
yes, i know it's already saturday, always a bit late here. but i thought i'd share the beauty i saw at my home this week anyway.

actually, i didn't create it, but my wonderful family did! this is a photo of my birthday gifts chosen with so much love and shows how well they know me. after setting this group up for the photo, i left it together for the whole day...every time i looked at it... my heart burst with love.

original polaroid collage from, ie ethanollie, ie my lovely, talented daughter kim (follow the link to see a better photo of this..i do not do it justice)
beautiful bunches of tulips, my favorite flowers, from my across the miles, but oh, so close to my heart, son and daughter, chris and lisa (i will have to write another post about these talented two)

three, not one, birthday cards made by my so sweet grandson ethan..they tug at my heart so

photo print set done by hr smith jones "finding winter drawing spring", they know my heart resides in spring and the beach

antique childrens book from the mr., he knows i love but won't indulge my collection often

last but not least, from my darling son tom, a torpedo level, who knew.. i not only wanted this, but needed it!

so, to sum this up...i am inspired by all the talent that resides in my family and shown how deeply loved i am by about Ambience & Cheer in your life!

have a lovely saturday


Friday, February 20, 2009

dutch door dilemma

julia from hooked on houses has done it now..she has my head spinning today! her " hooked on today post" is about dutch doors. i have always wanted a dutch door. no, that's not strong enough...i have craved, yearned, longed, would be better. almost..i was so having one in our last house and then... we moved.
photo from
we're in the planning stage of a bedroom addition and bath reconfiguration
oh ya, you'll be hearing much more of that project. i have been trying so hard to get that dutch door into the bathroom to lead to an outdoor shower.
problem: must open out...where does one put the screen?
i will take any and all suggestions..please!


hmmn...tomorrow is saturday, (mr."this is the last project") will be home.
maybe, just maybe, i'll find a door that absolutely would work!
after all, i did find this helpful article on making one for him...must i do all the work?

have a wonderful friday, let me know if you come up with a solution for me


i've been bad...please forgive me

i know..i know..
i've been so bad...i have not posted in so long! no excuses, i have been so focused on getting my new website and this blog redesigned, that I totally fell on my face.
they say..."when you fall off the diet...jump right back on"...
so here I go..jumping back with more stories then ever.
and a big apology to everyone...

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