Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a peek...

my house had a photo shoot today...
it should finally be listed for sale this week....
and i thought i'd share a sneak peek or two with you...

my little work area (one of them)

 living room


master bath
laundry room


more later... with the details
hope your having a good day

Sunday, March 27, 2011

sunday morning musings...up, up, and away!

good morning friends...hold on to your hats...
coffee this sunday is being served high in the air...

"A team of scientists, engineers and balloon pilots re-created the iconic house from Pixar's UP.
Setting a new world record for the largest balloon cluster, the house flew for more than an hour!"

Now, wouldn't this be wonderful...we could just take our homes with us!  Wish they would hurry up and perfect would save me from selling my home.

**side note...yay..i'm almost ready to list my house (it's been a long haul)....hopefully i'll be sharing photos this week.
fingers crossed

Monday, March 21, 2011

breaking the rules

with my upcoming move i've made a few rules regarding shopping for solsticehome.

1. buy nothing large
2. buy nothing heavy
3. buy nothing breakable

and then this past saturday i attended the monthly flea in my town....

i broke them all....

 large...this brass and enamel floor lamp with the fabulous turquoise color

heavy... shipping crate with soft worn wood and fabulous typography on top...

breakable... antique mirrors with the most wonderful glass...and yes,  the large box behind them is filled with lab glass....

 so, you see i really couldn't resist and they will all be in the shop soon,  unless of course,  i hear you want them first. send me a note if you see something you'd like.
Question for my seller do you control what you buy?  Do you pass up fabulous finds or do you jump in and buy?
happy monday

Sunday, March 20, 2011

sunday morning musings...

good morning

it's a busy one for me this week...this is not a sunday rest, primping and getting the house ready for sale.
i thought we could meet in this laundry room..with this room i wouldn't mind doing some house work!

pinterest as seen on houzz

love the open airy feeling with all those window and i think that wall color is very close to my kitchen color.
the lovely spring flowers help too!

are you working this sunday too?  share and make me feel better!

happy sunday everyone
don't work too hard!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

open the doors and windows....

oh's spring on cape cod today ...

let's open those doors and windows!!!

great windows and doors have always gotten to me

they are the big beautiful eyes of a house

and without words express the feeling of a home

take a few minutes to enjoy these

they are fabulous!

enjoy the day!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a way to help

Japan is a country of amazing talent in so many disciplines

it's also a country in need of every one's help

enter another amazing talent Victoria from sfgirlbythebay, who introduced me to this 

"the thoughtful folks at weiden + kennedy, a worldwide advertising agency with offices in japan, have come up with a creative way to aid japan’s relief efforts. they’ve designed these posters with 100% of the profits going to the relief effort"

as a group,  bloggers and our readers can also do some amazing things...

Hope you'll join us ..just follow the links to..


help keep the world an amazing place for all!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

sunday morning musings...

lately, i've been so involved with portland that i've neglected my cape cod posts.

spring is just starting to arrive here, this sunday let's have coffee on the beach. just remember to bundle up it's still cold by the ocean.

if you've never walked a beach in the winter or early spring, put it on your to-do list...

and do it as often as you can....

 I'm linking this post to a Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays...want more good life...go visit there.

happy sunday friends

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

out & about ....portland

portland oregon....
i am on overload from my visit there...
so much to take in... 

one thing you cannot help but notice ...bikes
it's a city that embraces "the bike" both as a means of transportation, as much as a means of expression

on the streets

in the parks

to the store

'walking' the dog
  photo lisa teso

my bike is definitely coming with me to portland

and if you don't already have one... you can design your very own sweet one at urban outfitters

Portland has claimed the #1 spot for most bicycle friendly city in the nation, click the link below the next photo for a good overview of their bikeways and masterplan

portlands master bike plan

happy biking

Sunday, March 6, 2011

sunday morning musings...

this sunday i'm in portland oregon and spring is already showing signs of life here.

i thought we could meet at the portland nursery for coffee

coming from the east coast where many areas are still covered in snow, this is such a welcome change.

take a little stroll with me.....

i found this corner of the nursery that had them most amazing scent.  SPRING!!

 stay awhile and enjoy your coffee...i'll be in touch with more of my portland visit.
happy spring thoughts sunday

Saturday, March 5, 2011

where i've been all week

Portland Houses & Neighborhoods
Originally uploaded by solsticehome

just a quick hello
i'm here... well actually.. i'm really in Portland Oregon this week.
i've been on a neighborhood/ new home scouting mission.

so far i've decided..there are just too many wonderful neighborhoods to choose from.

but, i'll keep you posted

wish me luck

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