Friday, May 7, 2010

the portland 1

many of you know by now...we're off on a visit to my son & daughter-in-law in portland oregon.

we'll just skip the part about the 8 hour plane's enough to say it was long.

portland day 1....

out the door and into the garden for morning coffee  (pretty sweet..this is the view from my bed too)

the gang started off on a much needed long walk around SE Portland

an ended up at beautiful Laurelhurst Park

my portland family the talented lisa teso & chris (nymphrobraniac) teso

we even ran into a pretty amazing crane

lunch followed at the Everett Street Bistro...and it was soooo good, i forgot to take a photo for you.
if your in portland oregon, you should add this one to your places to eat.

Hope your having a lovely week too!

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