Friday, September 30, 2011

the chicken and the estate sale

hi there
this is not the post i planned for you today but some times things just happen...

trying to be uber efficient,  i spent an hour this morning prepping and cooking for dinner this evening.  popped it in the oven and continued working while the smells of roast chicken and vegetables and a bit of smugness wafted through the house.

but when a phone call comes ..  that says .. "I'm in the estate sale .. get here now!"
(the same sale we tried to get into yesterday 3 times.)

I did what I had to do >>
1.  hurriedly dressed 
2.  turned off the oven & took the chicken out (unfortunately left it on the counter)
3.  out the door

right,  the poor chicken ended up in the trash .. but, ..  the sale worth it!

just a few peeks for you ...

i'm so smitten with this little chest.

so how was your day today? 

ps;  and what's for dinner?


Chris Teso said...

Oh no! Never abandon a good slow roaster!

Stephanie said...

What is beside the chest by the back seat, a folded table perhaps? You need a crock pot for those unexpected phone calls. I use mine all the time now. Too bad about the chicken though.

solsticehome said...

Chris, remember the words of a wise woman "Nothing stops a yard sale."

solsticehome said...

Hi Stephanie, yes that most definitely is a folding wood table, and it is very nice. Will be in the shop soon, but let me know if your interested. The chicken paid a price for coming up against an amazing estate sale :)

Nancy said... worth the price of a chicken. LOVE sales like that and LOVE your little chest!

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