Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Feast for the Eyes & the Tummy

Some shops are eye candy. Noun, a person's place for things, on SE Belmont, Portland, took this concept a step beyond.
Not only does it have great stuff, display it wonderfully, and it's a combination of old and new, which I'm always drawn to. Hence, feast for the eyes....

In the rear of the store is a yummy section run by Saint Cupcake! Yes, gooey, yummy, scrumptious, cupcakes. Feast for the tummy!
I will chat more on this great shop and it is definitely on the list for my next Portland visit!

ps Another smile for this managed to keep a 5 year old and his grandfather happy while I shopped.

Have a Luscious Sunday



Mrs.French said...

goodness...we share a brain...

capecod postcard said...

... I am honored to share a brain with you!

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