Sunday, December 21, 2008

Monday's Discoveries

Mondays Discoveries

Great Finds To Start Your Week

If Mondays are not usually your favorite day,
I thought I'd make them a little brighter.

This Monday is a whole lot brighter for me.
You won’t find this discovery posted in my shop
This Monday, I’m sharing a personal treasure,
yellow with age, given to me many years ago & tucked in a box for safe keeping.

One morning, many holiday seasons ago
when my children lived away from home and I was feeling the empty nest syndrome,
I found this little bird house perched on my shelf, nestled inside was this note from my daughter,

it read.."two more weeks till's time to get in the mood.
although we can't be with's no time to brood!
two more weeks till Christmas, Santa's on his way..
you may just find a little surprise on any given day!
Love your little ones...tweet, tweet"

it made my holiday that year and after finding just made my holiday this year.

Oh, what treasured memories can be found in holiday boxes.

Yes, sometimes, Mondays work out wonderfully!
Happy Happy Monday

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