Friday, December 12, 2008

tis the decorating

holiday decorating are you?

This year I am having an enjoyable time decorating our new home. It’s been a long while since I could just take some time and decorate a house.
Last year we lived in a very, very small beach cottage rental and for the 5 years before that I had my shop. After decorating the shop, I had very little time or energy left to decorate a house, let alone one that was in constant renovation.
This year I’ve been cutting branches, scouring the yard for natural finds and pulling out some decorations I haven’t seen in years.
My all time favorite’s, the ones on the tree that the kids had made when they were young and the ones my grandson is now making for us.

My favorite new decoration is in the entry way. On the wall over the bench I have hung a piece of driftwood. I found this awesome piece last winter on Nauset beach. Amazingly, after being pounded and tossed by the ocean, it had a pine cone still attached to it.

I have been waiting all year to use it! Hung with little red birds and next to sparkly snowflakes, it just makes me smile every time I walk in the house.

Have some decorating fun
a wonderful friday



Smilingsal said...

How clever you are. Thanks for sharing.

jill said...

I can so relate to what one is able to do from year to year in regard to decorating a home. Thanks for sharing your holiday muse for this year. Merry Christmas!

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