Wednesday, April 1, 2009

etsy finds for lisa

lisa.. the ultra talented force behind Portland Child Photography just happens (luckily) to be my daughter in law. among other talents, she is also a dedicated runner. lisa had a birthday awhile back and I thought I'd surprise her and dedicate an etsy treasury to her.

a spot for an etsy treasury is becoming harder and harder to grab and publish as so many people are waiting to create one. a way for me to use some creative energy and also highlight a few of my favorites among the many talented people on etsy. i really enjoy making them!

well..I finally managed to get one! as luck would have it...lisa is on vacation, away from all means of modern contact...yup... think deserted island .....{sun, sand, water}

so..we will all have to enjoy this treasury for her.. until she returns to this cruel, cruel world..

take a might also enjoy visiting all the wonderful sellers on this treasury..

as this treasury disappears from etsy in a few days i have included links below
bestartstudios2, heidiburton, motomoto,
laurasgeorge, ethanollie, vintagevendor
doghoundblues, shanon1972, jcparkerfineart
minitoes, fabrichouse, gleancreativereuse

Oh..and you do not want to miss lisa's photography here

now..lisa aren't you sorry you missed this :)


my Trampoline said...

i couldn't find the link to the treasury. might be easier to have your links show up in a different color than your text. ie: portland child photography.

solsticehome said...

thanks trampoline! should be fixed with new links.. the link was the photo. also my links do show on my computer as a different color..please let me know if not happening on others.

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