Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Earth Day Everyone! ethanollie knows how to do it!

heartwarming and encouraging to see the network of online shops and blogs, not only talking about but actually making an effort to celebrate Earth Day.

I've mentioned the lovely kim {ethanollie from trampoline} before.. I'm in love with her unique polaroid collages & now all the vintage love she's been sharing in her shop.

Her shop announcement says "welcome to trampoline! where i bounce all my ideas around, and then see what comes about." "part of a new series i'm working on in celebration of Earth Day entitled TERRAIN. each one will honor a different landscape. we are so lucky to live among them every day, aren't we?"

well one of the sincerely nice ideas to come out..is offering free shipping on any Terrain Collage Piece through the end of the month and 25% of the sale goes to Hope In Bloom, a Massachusetts charity that plants gardens for sufferers of breast cancer.

As brittni from {paper n stitch} said in her post.. It really doesn’t get much better than that!
Visit Trampoline's shop here.


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please sir said...

Ohh such great purchase and deal!

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