Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday New England Bloggers

New England Bloggers is a group of bloggers from the six New England states. Elizabeth, the founder, asked me to join it's first years birthday party with a post about my little part of New England.

Well, I've never been one to turn down a party....

I live in Sandwich, Ma. on Cape Cod.  Sandwich is just over the Sagamore Bridge and is the oldest town on the Cape and one of the oldest in the country. Known for it quaint, charming village center and the Sandwich boardwalk that leads to Cape Cod Bay.

Let's take a little walk and I'll show you some of the sights.

The Sandwich Boardwalk Bridge where you can watch braver souls than me jump off at high tide

The view from the bridge is beautiful,  you can drop in your raft or boat and float to the bay

In the fall the marsh grass turns a stunning golden orange

The lakes are pretty spectacular too!

The Fourth of July is a true small town celebration with a terrific parade the whole town turns out for

The Fourth ends on the Pond with a concert and at night and a  lantern lit boat parade

One of the charming homes and Inns that make up the town center

Sunset over Shawme Pond in the center of town

Thanks for visiting with me and my little corner of the world.   You can always visit my flickr photos for more  pictures of  Sandwich and Cape Cod.

Elizabeth, thank you for the party invitation.  It makes one step back and appreciate whats right outside the front door.

Happy Birthday




my Trampoline said...
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my Trampoline said...

nice mum! enjoyed this.

Miss Tinky said...

Sue--One of my favorite things about this blog carnival has been seeing other people's gorgeous New England towns. All I knew about Sandwich before this was that it made glass. Thanks for the tour, and happy anniversary to us all...

Pam said...

Sandwich is one of those perfect NE towns that everyone wishes they lived in. Even other NEers like me. I lived on Cape Cod the summer after I graduated from college and still remember the day trip I took to Sandwich. It is an charming town. You sure are lucky to live there.

Mattenylou said...

Thank you for the tour of another New England town, it's nice to meet other New England bloggers.

Your photos are wonderful, the kind we take when we are on vacation- and you call home! How lucky we are to live and play here.

Diane said...

It's so great to meet other NE Bloggers this week through these posts. Thanks for the great photos Sue

Shawn said...

Love the Cape! And your photos are so fun! So nice to meet more New Englanders! Yay!

Aprons Gone Wild said...

Awww...almost makes me miss Falmouth, until I remember the temperatures this time of year. Still always nice to know we have such a beautiful part of the country to go back to each spring.
Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth said...

Great post, Sue! I confess I am one of those rare people who don't care for "the Cape" and haven't been there in 15 years. EEK! You make Sandwich seem so sweet and peaceful I think I'll give it another try. But definitely not on a weekend in the summer! LOL

Stephanie said...

Lovely viewing your world from the west coast of Canada. I have always wanted to visit Cape Cod and Nantucket.

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