Sunday, March 7, 2010

cynthia wears a pink blouse

I definitely DO NOT!!

What color should I choose?
That seems to be  the question for so many of us, so much of the time.

color decision from ethanollie

We're in project mode at my house so I've been doing a little color research myself.  I thought I'd share some with you.

Studies show that a child as early as two years of age already shows inclination towards favorite colors.

Personal preference for a color is an emotional response to the color – not a logical one. It identifies our positive or negative association with a particular color – not the color itself. 


What the experts say affects our choice of colors:
Geographic location  
warm climates choose cooler colors, cool climates choose warmer colors  
(I don't personally buy into this theory, the Scandinavian aesthetic is a perfect example of why I don't)

Scandinavian Living Room  Emmas Designblogg 

 A New England Foyer from solsticehome

Popular Color Schemes or Decorating Styles
Decorating programs, magazines and design blogs influence what people will accept and then eventually want for their own homes.  (We all know how true this is)

Abigail Aherns living room eclectic living room

The Global Influence
The ever- shrinking world is another influence in our exposure and acceptance of color and interior décor. The more we travel, and the more the media features events from other parts of the world, the more we see how others live and become inspired by what we see. 
(This is one aspect I hadn't thought of.. but it just might be the most true) 

asian kids bedroom dominomag asian kids

All of this is information is helpful in knowing why we choose certain colors.  
But...I still need help in choosing them!!

 While writing up this post I discovered a new blog that's worth a good look, "Living in Color with Sonu."  Sonu, an interior designer for Benjamin Moore, offers up some very helpful articles. I especially like the fact, the colors used are named and their undertones are given.  The ability to zoom in to a much larger photo on the site, would be helpful.

Need a little more inspiration?  
Take a few minutes and try  "The Color Sense Game," from Pittsburgh Paints.   I was skeptical at first,  but it pegged me pretty well.  

As to my neighbor Cynthia and her pink blouse,  it really looks lovely on her.  I must have had a bad pink experience...I'll stick with my neutrals. 

What about you?   Find a great new color your in love with?   Have a color tip to share?
I'd love to hear it...

Have a colorful Sunday


ethanollie said...

great post! but how do you explain my proclivity to all color and no color at the same time. please do more research and let me know :)

alexkeller said...

the Pittsburgh Paints quiz pegged me pretty well at Leather, wood and stone. but the secondary color story was way off - rose? pink? ugh!

solsticehome said...

no research needed, clearly it's in the genes, along with the big knees :)

solsticehome said...

you def. don't strike me as a pink rose kinda gal

Chris Teso said...

what an awesome post. great research.

maybe an online paint color tool would help you?

solsticehome said...

thanks chris, always brings a smile to my face when you comment and for the paint tool. one can never have enough paint tools :)

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