Saturday, February 21, 2009

they know me so well

melissa from the inspired room has a friday blog party "the beautiful life" ... what you did to add beauty to your home or life this week. i think it's a wonderful way to wind down the week.
yes, i know it's already saturday, always a bit late here. but i thought i'd share the beauty i saw at my home this week anyway.

actually, i didn't create it, but my wonderful family did! this is a photo of my birthday gifts chosen with so much love and shows how well they know me. after setting this group up for the photo, i left it together for the whole day...every time i looked at it... my heart burst with love.

original polaroid collage from, ie ethanollie, ie my lovely, talented daughter kim (follow the link to see a better photo of this..i do not do it justice)
beautiful bunches of tulips, my favorite flowers, from my across the miles, but oh, so close to my heart, son and daughter, chris and lisa (i will have to write another post about these talented two)

three, not one, birthday cards made by my so sweet grandson ethan..they tug at my heart so

photo print set done by hr smith jones "finding winter drawing spring", they know my heart resides in spring and the beach

antique childrens book from the mr., he knows i love but won't indulge my collection often

last but not least, from my darling son tom, a torpedo level, who knew.. i not only wanted this, but needed it!

so, to sum this up...i am inspired by all the talent that resides in my family and shown how deeply loved i am by about Ambience & Cheer in your life!

have a lovely saturday


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Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Thanks for sharing your treasures!!

happy night,

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