Saturday, February 21, 2009

sunday morning musings

loving this sunday morning
I'm stealing a little quiet time and browsing etsy while working on an etsy treasury.
grab a cup of coffee and spend a few minutes with me...I'd like to share a few favorites.

their uniqueness, beauty, use of colors and especially the personal notes attached to them..are just pulling at me today

original collage created from too pretty to throw away polaroid cast offs. they are studies in color, texture and nuance...peeks into everyday life.

My new line of cushions is named after a street on the Left Bank in Paris. I used some combination of vintage string embroidery, vintage velvet and vintage woodblock printing on tea-stained hemp with a kapok filling

Original / One-of-a-Kind - Embroidered Map Collage
by Shannon Rankin

This print combines my interest in maps and words.
The quote is from Robert Motherwell:
"If you can't find your inspiration by walking around the block one time, go around two blocks — but never three."

Signed Fine Art Photographic Print
Title: tiny moon
story: This photo was taken at one of my favorite places in Portland. A local farm that holds a series of concerts throughout the summer. Some of our finest families memories have been made there

I would like to thank these wonderfully creative people for adding a touch of beauty to my day.

I hope you found some new favorites along with me this morning....have a few you want to share? I'm still finishing my share away with me..



my Trampoline said...

thanks for the shout out

hope you had a good morning

enhabiten said...

thanks sue! love your picks.

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