Monday, March 21, 2011

breaking the rules

with my upcoming move i've made a few rules regarding shopping for solsticehome.

1. buy nothing large
2. buy nothing heavy
3. buy nothing breakable

and then this past saturday i attended the monthly flea in my town....

i broke them all....

 large...this brass and enamel floor lamp with the fabulous turquoise color

heavy... shipping crate with soft worn wood and fabulous typography on top...

breakable... antique mirrors with the most wonderful glass...and yes,  the large box behind them is filled with lab glass....

 so, you see i really couldn't resist and they will all be in the shop soon,  unless of course,  i hear you want them first. send me a note if you see something you'd like.
Question for my seller do you control what you buy?  Do you pass up fabulous finds or do you jump in and buy?
happy monday


alexkeller said...

i read this right before walking into a thrift store!
i've been trying to manage my inventory by not thrifting. it's tough. today i was there because i made a donation. i actually left without purchasing anything. how??? well, this past weekend i finally got around to doing taxes and inventory. i kept finding more things which i had forgotten about... so my decluttering continues. one day, maybe, i'll be able to list a few things right after purchasing them. and the rule should be that i'm not allowed to buy more until it's listed, right?

solsticehome said...

alex..your a better gal than me! i have to completely stay away not too buy!

Stephanie said...

Awesome on the great finds you got there. Rules are meant to be broken sometimes. I am looking forward when garage sales begin in our area. It is something all the locals do here all through spring and summer.

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