Sunday, March 27, 2011

sunday morning musings...up, up, and away!

good morning friends...hold on to your hats...
coffee this sunday is being served high in the air...

"A team of scientists, engineers and balloon pilots re-created the iconic house from Pixar's UP.
Setting a new world record for the largest balloon cluster, the house flew for more than an hour!"

Now, wouldn't this be wonderful...we could just take our homes with us!  Wish they would hurry up and perfect would save me from selling my home.

**side note...yay..i'm almost ready to list my house (it's been a long haul)....hopefully i'll be sharing photos this week.
fingers crossed


Stephanie said...

Very colorful, looking forward to the photos.

alexkeller said...

i told my husband they did it!!!!
he didn't believe because Myth Busters couldn't lift a person or something - heehee :)

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