Sunday, March 20, 2011

sunday morning musings...

good morning

it's a busy one for me this week...this is not a sunday rest, primping and getting the house ready for sale.
i thought we could meet in this laundry room..with this room i wouldn't mind doing some house work!

pinterest as seen on houzz

love the open airy feeling with all those window and i think that wall color is very close to my kitchen color.
the lovely spring flowers help too!

are you working this sunday too?  share and make me feel better!

happy sunday everyone
don't work too hard!


alexkeller said...

so pretty!!! i'm waiting for my new cabinets to be finished so i can finally have my laundry room back!

solsticehome said...

alex, bet you can't wait to get that room back. i'm hoping my next home (wherever that may be) has another laundry room. I'm spoiled.

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