Thursday, November 3, 2011

butternut squash risotto

{life here day 3}

hi there
weeknight dinners are still always such a puzzle for me. the day's always seem to fly by and suddenly it's dinner time.
but last night we gave dinner a little thought ahead of time and decided to try butternut squash risotto.

i'm so glad we did,  it was warming and comforting on a cool night and so delicious.
we added a tossed salad and were good to go.

 here's the recipe i played around with: 

Picture of Butternut Squash Risotto Recipe  

you will find easy directions following the link above

and a few notes from me:
don't be afraid to substitute ingredients. i didn't have mushrooms, so i topped it with caramelized onions. i also didn't have the shallots (didn't seem to harm the taste at all.)  the butternut squash puree was an easy way to cook the squash and the touch of honey made it even more tasty.  salt and pepper were the only spices i used or needed.

give it a try,  it wasn't hard to do at all and i think you'll love it.

until tomorrow
ps; i want to hear if you tried it for yourself.



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