Thursday, November 10, 2011

holiday shopping { sellsimply and pinterest }

Vintage Handmade Felt Pillow
{life here day 10}

already,  every thing is screaming, holiday ::  really!!! 

living in this new place offers endless shopping possibilities. 
but, of course,  first i had to find them.

Fog  8x10 Nature Photograph

this time i took the easy route and started holiday window shopping on sellsimply

Classic Tweed Blazer

Vintage Leather Boots


Vintage Ansco Camera

i started finding so many sweet things to buy,
i decided to make it even easier by using the "pin it" button 
on each listing and create
a pin board on pinterest

a funny thing happened, it suddenly became 
a holiday wish list for me. 

so this girl is lighting a fire, making a cup of tea, opening my computer and doing more holiday shopping this year.

try it { sellsimply and pinterest } have some fun with your holiday shopping.
then send me the link of your pin board, i'll post it here and we'll have a long distance shopping trip together.

it's another way we can stay in touch

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