Tuesday, November 8, 2011

out and about :: laurelhurst park

{life here day 8}

hi there
you've been asking to see more of my new surroundings ::
Laurelhurst Park :: 27 acres of natural beauty inside the city, with winding roads, pond,  and play areas, just about 1 mile from our house.

i took a walk just before sunset yesterday.  the park is a riot of color (the leaves change a bit later & stay awhile longer than back east)


the park has a totally different feel this time of year, gone are the concerts and activities, left is an urban oasis

dusk settled to quickly :: the feeling of quiet beauty is one i would have liked to enjoy a bit longer

for more info on Laurelhurst Park

today is beautiful here :: hoping it is there as well


alexkeller said...

Beautiful! I miss the leaves changing

Lisa Teso said...

I just had a weekend of photo sessions in this park, looks like we were drawn to a lot of the same locations!

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