Sunday, March 8, 2009

updated peeks

I thought I'd share a few updated peeks of the sun room remodel. I'm taking the weekend off from projects and getting some grandson love.

it's almost done...

i cheated a little on the painting..already loved the color, the walls were in good shape except for touch ups and the new trim & baseboards.. luckily the former owners left the paint for this room.

heavy cleaning was next
most furniture is moved back in. winter drapes need to be rehung (maybe), I just may leave them off from now

new maple step needs to be coated with a finish

add a few personal touches & then I can scratch this room off the list of ranch remakes to do!!

have a lovely sunday


1 comment:

Noise said...

Hi you asked about the countertops on the kitchen at Emmas design Blog. Well they are concrete.See another contrete top that I made .

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