Sunday, June 6, 2010

heads up sharing; sellsimply

sharing... a simply lovely thing...i think you might want to check this out.

some of you may have noticed my tweets lately with the wording @sellsimply
a little explanation and a **special deal** is in order for you today.

"SellSimply is a new web site that is allowing me to have a simple shop and sell an item using my twitter account.  if you use twitter, you already know how easy that is.  your item, (with photos, if you prefer) reaches ..(who really knows how many people you reach on twitter. )

i can literally list an item and be contacted by an interested buyer on twitter, within minutes.
if your a buyer,  looking for something in particular,  think..having your own "preset searches" with a twitter direct message when a match simply terrific!

below is an excerpt from the'll find more info on the site.  ( i love their tag line!)

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler. 
Sell Simply is the simplest way to buy & sell anything.
Every action on Sell Simply is dead simple, facilitated by your Twitter account.

On Sell Simply sellers have a Simple Shop where they can list items of any variety for sale, post jobs, list real estate and post apartments for rent. Shoppers looking for these items can easily search by tag, location, keyword and price range.

Think of Sell Simply as a Craigslist, only totally transparent, spam free, and without all the back and forth email hassle.

Think of Sell Simply as an Etsy, only simpler, without product limitations, controlled with your twitter account.

Think of Sell Simply as an Ebay, only something that takes you minutes, not hours to experience. "

at $1.00 a listing and no other fees,  yes, i said NO other fees, plus the time savings. it's all good!

**if your an etsy seller and just want to try it out ~ there is a special deal for you..
5 free listings!  just type in the word  etsysimple  in the promo code

yes, i still have my etsy shop while i'm selling on sellsimply,  but this site is so darn good, i had to share it with you!

 have a simply lovely day everyone and enjoy my Simple Shop Sample below! 
(yup, couldn't resist)


Aprons Gone Wild said...

Good info! Thanks! And thanks for you sweet comment on my blog. :)

nancy monsebroten said...

Thank you for sharing this! I found you on your comment on Scoutie Girl. I'm off to check out sellsimply!!

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