Thursday, June 3, 2010

pin it forward; what home means to me

that lovely and talented victoria, otherwise known as sfgirlbybay, has done it again.
she's joined with pinterest, (a new web site that allows you to bookmark your favorites images on the web and keep them on a pin board.)  it's also where I'm having way too much fun lately!
together they've created a new blogger mashup, "pin it forward,"
with the theme; what home means to me..

first and foremost my home means... family.  wherever they are (and right now, that's coast to coast) it's where my heart and home is....they ground me, inspire me and wrap me in love

next up.. my home means,  being near the water and having some element of garden to play in.

finally,  i can then feel at home and ready to add the details....
it means;  simplicity to me, with whites and grays;  they calm me.
windows, doors, and lots of light spilling in; it fulfills my need to be connected to the outdoors.
collections, only in limited amounts and books.. stacks and stacks!

all of the photos above and more are on my home inspiration board at pinterest (including their links)
take a little visit over there...i know you'll become addicted too.

thank you  mariah from size to small for passing the pin to me.

be sure to visit all the lovely pin it forward posts going each day
i'm passing this on to  go have another inspiring visit.

photo by nymphobrainiac
thanks for visiting today 

ps;  i hope you'll share some of your inspiration with me


Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Great photos/choices. I love your meaning of home.

Chris Teso said...

nice post. love your meaning of home too.

size too small said...

love all of the interior photos!

Sandy a la Mode said...

awww this last image is soo beautiful, i love it!! great post!

sfgirlbybay said...

so lovely, sue. thank you so much for such great images and your meaning of home. :)

Stephanie said...

Love the composition of your photos!

harlow ~ monroe boutique said...

What a beautiful family! You are lucky to call the Cape your home; such a pretty, inspiring place.

solsticehome said...

thanks everyone, it was tough trying to narrow my eclectic taste down.
but in the end, family is everything!

sandy= nymphobrainic, oozes talent, love his work

victoria=thank you so much for doing the mashups and inspiring all us bloggers

ethanollie said...

love you, and your home

alexkeller said...

thanks so much for sharing your family & home - it looks wonderful

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