Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the old general store.. part 2..."the ladies"

this is part 2 
of the old general store, one of the virtual rooms in my etsy shop

"the ladies,"  i imagine, would have had a special place they would head to after picking out the supplies that were needed for the week.

they would be drawn to the corner of the store displaying threads and notions. longingly they would touch each new material that had arrived that week.
soon,  they would start to gather around the wood stove to talk while they did their needlework.

part of the shop update this week will include some lovely items that i think belong in that room

soft and very slightly worn tapestry footstool
and this darling pair of little red leather shoes

black painted wood darner with such a lovely patina,  worn from the many times it was used

green marbled thread holder with the cutest red top and almost filled with its vintage threads

head or hat form with the most perfect robin eggs blue clamp

and this favorite of mine. 
a sweet towel rack slightly aged, embroidered soft linen, with a silky backing

in case your new to my blog, this is my way of creating small vignettes or rooms in my etsy shop. 

Thanks for visiting with me today

 ps; all of the above items are heading to the shop soon...


ethanollie said...

hat form...need!

solsticehome said...

thanks ethanollie, i'll be in touch shortly

Karena said...

Beautiful vignette! I love your site!!

I hope you will join my designer giveaway from Pillow Mint.

Art by Karena

solsticehome said...

Karena, thanks so much! and thank you for leading me to your giveaway, just entered :)

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