Saturday, February 26, 2011

favorite finds this week

i am by no means a fashionista...
in fact,  my wardrobe consists of sweats in the winter and shorts and tees in the summer...
casual, comfortable, black and white.

i'd much rather be shopping for the home and the shop...i just never seem to shop for clothes...

well, this week i've noticed some spring and summer clothes this girl could love..
here are my picks for a spring/summer wardrobe...

 vintage 1980s high waist network slacks

with a simple button down shirt in a mini check

a silk print tank

 to wear with these adorable vintage 1980s Byer Shorts

of course a pair of shoes, i like these vintage criss cross heels

and i'd top it off with a floppy brim hat

this sailor tote is perfect for the beach or farmers market..

oh and just in case,  i need to dress a bit ... a little black dress, works just fine for me.

but what i really this vintage mannequin form (see that boy form hiding behind the front one, yup that one)

i guess.. you can change the clothes.. but you can't change the girl ;)

happy saturday friends, have a good one

1 comment:

Mary said...

nice post--and i have to admit, just love that photo of the mannequins...;-)

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