Tuesday, February 8, 2011

sit by the fire

today is my birthday...i think i'm going to be using this as an excuse to do/ or not do,  some things today...

one thing i will make some time for ... is to sit by the fire with a book, i've been longing to read...

before i do..

let's have a look at some fireplace inspiration...because a fireplace sets a mood like nothing else, wherever it's placed.

in the kitchen.. dinner or even breakfast,  immediately becomes more relaxed  in front of a fire

 a raised hearth, even better to see the fire from the table
an amazing mantel and hearth helps to define this fireplace
they can range from the very minimalist 
to the larger than life
 hope you found a little fireplace love today...as for me...i'm off to sit in front of one.
have a lovely day friends
 ps; i may be relaxing..but i'm watching for your comments...what's your favorite fireplace ;)


Chris Teso said...

Oh man, love this post. I need a GIANT FP!

solsticehome said...

Yes, you do and when we move there..somebody in this family better have one (an outdoor shower too!)

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday and many more. Love that fire dome thingy!

solsticehome said...

Thank you Stephanie, and that fire dome is pretty amazing

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