Thursday, February 10, 2011

new & noted...

thought i'd share a few new products, that i've noticed lately...

black tiles and wood, a new neutral change from the white look coming? very dramatic looking.

the first large horizontal retractable screen and blind system for windows and doors... finally!

porcelain countertops, so new they are not available in the north america yet, scratch-proof, stain-proof and kid proof.  looks & sounds ideal and if it's man proof...sold!

although not new, wallpaper has been making a big comeback the last year.  this idea is for those of us who lived with it for many years and cringed when we saw this,  the removal was always a nightmare when we changed our minds.

i like framed wallpaper panels, i've actually been collecting some vintage wallpaper rolls,  this might be a new project to try.

although not for the home, it is for our world, this eco product is pretty amazing

OAT Shoes, designed in Amsterdam. These shoes are not only biodegrade, but they actually sprout trees when thrown away.  how wonderful is this!

found any new ideas you'd like to share? i'd love to hear about them.

have a great day everyone

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Those are wonderful ideas. I really like the wallpaper panel, retractable screens and those shoes are awesome.

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