Saturday, February 5, 2011

favorite finds this week

i really do wish i wasn't packing up a house.  i keep finding so much loveliness each week.  so friends it's all up to you...

all of these beauties should have a home...

Linen Pouffe (A tuffet, a pouffe, footstool) by spoolandsparrowshop  = love !

i wish i sewed because lately enhabiten's pin cushions are calling my name.. 

any pillow by theblackstrap, this one is no. 23.. (i have one and they are even more wonderful in person)

this yardage of  antique homespun linen by coolvintage,  i have so many projects i could use this for.

and this adorable solemn squirrel by everyeskimo  or any of her hand stitched creations..i love them all.

hope you enjoyed our shopping trip this week...did you find any favorites?  let me know which ones!

happy saturday everyone


ethanollie said...

thank you! we are in great company.

Julie said...

I wholeheartedly love each of these items! And, I happen to be a fan of Solstice Home & Trampoline/Ethanollie as well. It's an honor that my pouffe caught your eye, Sue. Packing up a house?! Oh my. Wishing you the best of luck with what is likely a massive endeavor.

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