Wednesday, February 2, 2011

in the garden

i was not going to start thinking about the garden yet...

but today seems like a good day for spring thoughts...that groundhog didn't see his shadow..we're promised an early spring...

then in my inbox today, White Flower Farm started tempting me with their new plants catalog..

Delphinium grandiflorum Summer Nights; Loose spikes filled with indigo-blue flowers appear all summer on compact, well-branched plants only 12in tall and butterflies love them.

Epimedium Alabaster, a ground cover: Large, pure-white flowers trimmed with purple sepals stand above the foliage in spring, and the bright, grass-green leaves stay attractive till frost. 

helleborus, is one of my favorite garden plants

 Helleborus x hybridus Winter Jewels™ Black Diamond this one has deep slate colored petals marked with burgundy rays. The deep maroon appearance sets off the chartreuse center to perfection.

 with our house going on the market this spring, most of my planting will be annuals in containers..

Lantana camara Luscious™ Lemonade; Excellent for spilling over the edge of a container, gracing a hanging basket, or as a tough landscape plant.  i planted lantana in a container last year and loved it.

i love the fragile look of this rose.. rose planting for me..until i get to's one i'll be saving in my plant files.

Rosa Penelope; Hybrid Musk Rose 'Penelope' is an old favorite from 1924. The scented flowers are followed by coral-pink hips in the fall.

all plants from White Flower Farm, with plant links below each photo. 

ok.. enough of my spring daydreams, i'm off to shovel slush...hope you found a few new plants today. 

talk later




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alexkeller said...

i was going to ask ... aren't you buried under lots of snow?!?!?

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