Friday, February 25, 2011

new & noted...turn on the lights

while searching for replacement lights to update the house this week.
i found there's a whole new world of lighting coming to home design

the Felt Shade by Tom Dixon

A shade that employs a technique known as fabric-forming. Felt is created by heat pressing a double layer of material which is then sculpted into shape. The shade has a tactile grey exterior and white interior.

The Bye Bye Bulb by Daniel MichelLED Pendant Light Fixture
A funky industrial design piece.  The skeleton of a shade and an invisible bulb stealthy disguise a 10 watt LED bulb that is hidden in the socket for a traditional incandescent bulb.

The Modern Plywood Lighting Design by Faf-fin

this contemporary lighting system is made of 4mm plywood and comes as a flat pack. This modern lighting can be hung or it can be placed in the ground if you want to hold a garden party. It produces a soft light.  I do like the look of these outside.

with the new light bulb regulations coming, i'm sure of two things
1. everyone will be buying up the old ones off the shelves by the armful &
2. we'll be seeing so many new types, shopping for a light bulb will not be a fast chore.

"Under federal law, incandescent bulbs are being phased out beginning next year when American manufacturers no longer will be allowed to make 100-watt bulbs. By Jan. 1, 2014, the only incandescents left on the market will be three-way bulbs, plant lights and appliance lamps"

seen any new interesting lights lately? share them with us here.

happy friday

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