Saturday, April 2, 2011

a before & after

this is a photo of our living room taken before we bought our house.

one of the things i didn't like, was the wall of cabinets in the living room. i loved the idea of a bookcase wall but this one looked like a wall of  kitchen cabinets.

we couldn't before we even moved in, we removed all of the top cabinet doors. it helped the look and it certainly held most of our books, favorite pieces and some of my finds before they made their way into the shop.

but it just never looked quite right to me. well, now that we're getting ready to sell our home and fixing all those little things you just live with...but are really, not completely done...
a project we did finish, was to add more shelves and moulding... and now,  finally,  the bookcase wall looks just right to me.  sigh, why did i wait to finish this!

do you have a house project, you've just lived with for awhile and are finally starting to tackle it?
i'd love you to share it with me ... send me a note and a link and i'll try to post a few of them here for all of us to see.

happy project finishing


Vintage Simple said...

Sue..! Your home is simply beautiful and just so soothing..! I am sure it will sell in no time. And spring is here (which I'd always thought was a myth as it related to sales), but I do feel like things are picking up a bit around where we currently live.

We waited until our house *was* on the market (obviously we took it off the market temporarily) to add interior windows to our attic renovation. We love them - and certainly wish we had added them earlier... But such is the way with old houses, no? There are many projects to tackle and never quite enough time it seems.

Good luck with the sale and move; I'll be sending good thoughts your way. From the photographs you've shared, it is beautiful and I am certain it will sell quickly.


Pearl Maple said...

The change to open shelves was a smart move,they never go out of style

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