Wednesday, April 13, 2011

it is ... and ... we do!

it's time and we do have a winner!!

but first i want to thank all of you who commented, tweeted, and friended me on facebook.  i really do love my blog friends.
and the winner of a gift certificate to solsticehome... is


Alex,  is an artist living and creating in Tucson, Arizona. She states in her profile that "her passion is beauty and It encompasses fashion, art and design." That is so very evident in the two shops she runs on etsy. 

vintagebyalexkeller is a curation of vintage housewares and décor that Alex would want for herself. 
alexkeller, where she creates and recycles antique, vintage and resale jewelery into fresh, new pieces.

Alex also writes a blog alexkeller, which i know you'll enjoy.
Congratulations Alex! 
i'll be in touch

1 comment:

alexkeller said...

thanks so much, Sue! can't wait to go shopping :) i'll try to help you out with that moving thing and take a few things off your hands :)

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