Friday, April 8, 2011

on thoughts and such ...

Today I'm passing along these words and thoughts from a blog i adore,  a perfect gray .
who ...passed it on from...
"I'm passing along these words from my friend Brock Street, because when I read them on his blog, I couldn't forget them...

"why, oh why am i always on the prowl for inspiration. is it because i cannot find satisfaction in my own surroundings? is it because i am not grateful for all the blessing? these are the questions i ask myself if my thirst is never quenched.

i must confess the above is far from the truth. i simply am addicted to dreaming and creating and living a bit outside of my reality. aspire...not for more or better or even beauty...just an enormous appreciation...."

 "My thanks to Brock Street for putting into words what I could not. " and my thanks to Donna for leading me to them.

it really does sum up quite a bit about me. 

 happy weekend friends

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