Tuesday, April 26, 2011

one of our best egg hunts .. ever

we always have an annual easter egg hunt. it's planned by whoever is hosting easter dinner that particular year.

this year was no exception..and it was exceptional...

take one former teacher/football coach

and you will always have 1. rules  and  2. a clipboard

there will be huddles

a few muddled plays

an occasional time out for more coach instructions

with the players' reactions

and always, in the end....fun for all

oh and of course,  the instant replay...

Thanks so much Jack and Donna, it was a wonderful day


ethanollie said...

great post!

Hannah said...

i think that is the real reason why i dragged myself over there with a 103 fever...the thought of catching a glimpse of the hunt...as john put it..ma, im sorry but you really missed something "sweet " today!!!!

DawnMarie said...

you asked me why i dragged myself out of bed with a 103 fever...well it was the thought of missing our last egg hunt...as john put it.. it was sweet mamma..so ...sweet mamma !!!!

solsticehome said...

Dawn Marie & Hannah
john was right...it was so very sweet!
i cannot think of it as our last hunt..i will not get thru the move thinking that..let's just say we will have hunts..they may not be on just that day..but they will happen. and Dawn, I have more video's for you..i hope i captured many of the moments for you.

Chris Teso said...

HA! Sorry to have missed uncle jacks diatribe. Looks like a good time had by all.

Miss you all, and happy Easter.

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