Thursday, April 28, 2011

the journey...and a find

(excerpt from my personal journal )

in this "life change journey" we've chosen to take, there has already been many ups and downs.
some days are so busy and exciting it's hard to think of what will happen next...

and other days, like today, i'm feeling, well... like this...

It's All Right

i fell in love with these illustrations the minute i saw them.  the emotion they conveyed in a simple look perfectly matched my mood.

they are the creations of artist Ashley Goldberg.  Ashley states "the characters I create, whether monsters or little girls, are simple, humorous, empathetic, and a little bit pathetic,"  and that, friends, sounds a lot like me some days.

i also found out Ashley lives in Portland  Oregon... well, now,  just maybe I'll get to meet her.
read more about her and see more of Ashley's work here



Janet said...

I hope you do!

alexkeller said...

i think we need to have the sad days to make the happy days happy. doesn't make it fun, though.

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