Monday, April 11, 2011

the journey

should i start to share my moving journal...i think the time has come

today has started out quite foggy here on Cape Cod.
i do love the fog, but it always puts me in a pensive mood

and while i'm starting to sort and clear out things from the house, i wonder what do i do with all the photos.

there's many that i know i will never part with.  the photos of special moments so close to my heart, will always stay with me.

but people, i have so many...we're talking boxes, large moving boxes of photo's i've inherited from my parents, cousins, etc....

yes, i'm asking for help!!!  what do you do with all the photos from the past?  i'd love you to share some ideas here.

 thank you

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alexkeller said...

that's a tough one. i haven't inherited the ones from my mom yet, but i imagine my brother & i will split them somehow. is there a sibling that would take some? i'd keep any photo albums ... but beyond that i wish you luck!

Louise said...

Collect a series of beautiful journals, and slowly, over time, fill them up with those photos. Seen some of mine? :)

Amysue said...

It really is difficult to decide how t manage them. If it's at all possible to winnow themmdown to a manageable few that would be best, but perhaps scanning them?

I was on the Cape Monday to deal with getting our house there ready for summer ( lots of work happening this spring, new windows, new shingles etc) and the fog was truly amazing. Even while on it I couldn't see the Bourne Bridge and the fog continued to envelope us all the way through Dennis, Brewster and beyond! Lovely.

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