Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the beauty of simplicity

last fall I had the chance to visit Plymouth Plantation,  a bicultural interative museum, offering personal encounters with the Wampanoag People and the Colonial English community in the 1600s.
it was such an interesting visit and an eyeopener for me. as an antique lover and seller, i just wanted to gather up all the primitive items i saw.

the experience of actually seeing how the pilgrims lived that very sparse and fundamental life was enlightening

 they lived with only the barest necessesites and a few cherished items.

but the thing that was most striking to me was the light surrounding it.  i could not stop taking photos.

and then i realized, in this simplicity, is the ability to see the individual beauty of each small detail.

it's helping me try to clear away some of the clutter.

and instead, try to focus on the seeing the individual beauty of each of the things i cherish.

are you also finding the need to clear away some of the clutter?  how are you managing it?

i'm hoping you'll share some of the tips with me


ps; i'm linking this post to a beach cottages', Good Life Wednesdays link party. Just click the photo below and be inspired.

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Tina aka forrestina vintage said...

Very nice post. :)

solsticehome said...

thanks tina,
it was hard to put into words how much i was impressed with this visit.

Cottage Dreamers said...

Wow, it makes me wonder just how little I might really need to get by. It looks like a place I would love to visit and soak up.
Very nice!
☺ Celeste

Ellen said...

The simplicity is very calming. Nice choice of pictures. Thanks for sharing, have a great day!


Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...

Lovely post. The simple life is truly the way to go. It is so calming and head-clearing.

Liane said...

I love these photos. I want to live there. Really.

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