Wednesday, January 12, 2011

in & about...

yes,  there's another blizzard on cape cod today.

i thought it would be a good day to stay in and  share a few of the favorite corners of my home 

one,  is this little olive green vintage table by the door.  i love the color and i'm such a gatherer this is a perfect place for me to put the bits and pieces i find on my walks. 

another is the  fireplace mantel. this year for christmas i decorated with natural objects such as pine cones and driftwood and i'm so happy i did.  i found i could keep many of them up when all the other christmas decorations were taken down.

and the bay window in the living room is now holding plants and antique garden objects, shiny and light,  they brighten things up and remind me spring will eventually come (soon i hope!)

do you have favorite corners of your home?  i'd love it,  if you would share them with me.

think spring people!


Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Lovely vignettes, Sue! The wind is blasting around our home..., it's fun when you're all cozy inside!

Stephanie said...

Lovely pics of around your home. We receive some snow overnight along with windy conditions.

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