Saturday, January 22, 2011

where's your garden?

mine is covered under mounds of snow
with all this icy cold weather here on cape cod....i really can't wait for spring, warm earth and gardens.

photo taken at Green Briar Sandwich

for now i think we better find other ways to plant.

sunny windows (ones with potting tables under them..even better)

this image from my pinterest board  
originally found on this lovely blog Made in Persbo,  you'll need to translate, but the photos are eye candy.

vintage containers,  part of the fun is coming up with the container.

try baking pans, bowls, cups..

yes, even lab glass,  or just about any that will hold a bit of soil and water.  

well now,  if your lucky enough to have a greenhouse... i hope your enjoying it as much as this pup.

what about you, found any interesting containers you can plant?  please share some with us.

happy saturday all


ethanollie said...

i want a big window with a big table of plants underneath. put that into my wish list for portland, k?

solsticehome said...

as long as you share it...consider it done!

Made in Persbo...Carina said...

Thanks for your sweet words about my photos! I´m glad that you like them :)

Have a nice weekend!
Love, Carina

Aprons Gone Wild said...

Hello Sue,
I get daily reports on the Cape weather from our daughter in Falmouth. Still....there's no other place on earth I'd rather live, even if we still had to spend the winters there!
Stay warm.

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