Wednesday, January 19, 2011

short..but sweet

running around today, which means this post is running late today.

i did manage to find a couple of fun things online for us to share

this one because, i'm really, really craving chocolate right about now and i think it's such a great idea!

hot chocolate on a stick,  found on the lovely camille styles blog,  go there and find out more about it.

this one..because it's  just plain fun...even taking the laundry downstairs would be more fun..

  i'm not sure where i found this to link back to, if you know..please tell

 and i think every home should have something unexpected.

do you have something fun or  unexpected in your home??  c'mon share it with us..



Stephanie said...

Love hot chocolate, was thinking of having this as a dessert tonight. I do like that yellow color on the wall.

Annie said...

That hot chocolate is so cute, and such a great idea!!!

TLC Inspirations said...

Forget the hot chocolate. I want a slide! Why not? Let's say you're bedroom is upstairs and you just got out of bed. What could be better than sliding down for your morning cup of joe? Awesome :)

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