Sunday, January 30, 2011

sunday morning musings

hold on to your coffee cups..

look at the place i found for our sunday morning coffee this week.

this one comes complete with treats

and I had to share the whole room with you

all photo's from  Vakre Hjem & Interior  you really should go see!

and just so you know where to find me...i am not leaving here!!

have a lovely relaxing sunday everyone


nocton4 said...

how wonderful x

ethanollie said...

that looks like the bedroom you have been dreaming about. hope our landlord lets us paint!

harmonie park said...

i see stretchy pants, bed head, steaming mugs and laughs.

solsticehome said...

nocton4, thanks so much for joining me this sunday for coffee.

ethanollie, between you and me, that's a must in the lease.

harmonie, ha! i see flannel pj's, thick wool socks, cappuccino and yes, laughs.

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