Sunday, January 23, 2011

sunday morning musings...(and a bit of news)

morning friends,

this week's place for sunday morning coffee is right here,  in my sun room.

it's sunny, warm & cozy in's about 5 degrees outside...let's stay in and enjoy this room while we can...

which brings me to a bit of news i have for you ...  we are moving ...we are heading west...all the way west...
to  Portland Oregon!  

that would be ALL of us...two households,  with 4 adults, 1 child, 1 dog.. and 2 shops,  solsticehome and trampoline.  we're joining our son and daughter who have lived in Portland for 3 yrs now.  it's time to reunite this family.

i couldn't be more excited and yes,  a little apprehensive about all the details. . i know it's not impossible and  i'm pretty sure  positive it will be very interesting  ;)

i've decided to write a weekly journal of our unfolding adventure.  i hope you'll follow along with me. i think i'll need some words of encouragement now and then.

enjoy your sunday everyone


Stephanie said...

how exciting for you. You won't be far from BC, Canada. I hear it is a nice part of the US to be in. I will certainly follow along in your journey to your new home. Good luck with the move. I love your sun room. Looks so inviting to be in there to read a good book and enjoy some herbal tea.

alexkeller said...

so very, very exciting! congrats and i can't wait to hear the stories :)

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said... doors opening. LOVE that kinda thing!!

Godspeed in your great move!

And your sunroom looks darn COZY!

solsticehome said...

Thanks everyone, for the encouragement and sweet comments.

Liane said...

You are all going?!? I think it's wonderful. Save a guest bedroom for me sometime...or a sofa...or the top bunk in Ethan's room?? ;)

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